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From Selling a Lifestyle to The Value of Experience

 - Nov 22, 2012
This collection of speeches on sentimental branding explores the different ways brands can connect with consumers by tapping into their emotions and desires for lasting experiences. In today's business world, the brands that are able to capture consumers are the ones that end up developing a returning clientele and a favorable reputation.

Jeremy Gutsche, the founder and CEO of understands this strategy extremely well. Many of his speeches highlight just how important discovering that cultural connection with consumers is in order for brands to succeed in today's chaotic economy and marketplace. Not only does creating a cultural connection elevate consumer engagement, it also creates better conditions to innovate.

Economists such as Joseph Pine speak of the "experience economy," a concept that refers to consumers seeking out experiences over physical products as a result of the recent recession.

These speeches on sentimental branding also feature Rory Sutherland, one of the world's most respected advertising experts. Sutherland often refers to the "intangible value" of things. He explains how one's perspective -- and not the actual cost value -- of something can influence how someone feels about it. Brands, then, can now focus on transforming the value placed on things to complement consumers' interests and that which matters the to them.