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From Solving Societal Problems to Why Video Games Make You Smarter

 - Jan 29, 2016
These speeches on science discuss both science as a discipline as well as how a scientific approach can be utilized in a vast and varied number of other fields and topics. This includes thoughts from esteemed academic speakers as well as lesser known individuals.

Many students remember Bill Nye the Science Guy from educational videos in science class, which is why it is fitting he discusses teaching creationism and the role of religion in schools. In his strong belief in the theory of evolution, he encourages parents not to bring up creationism with their children at all. Neil Degrasse Tyson chats with comedian (and Catholic) Stephen Colbert about the value of science in his speech on knowledge. He speaks out against ignorance and encourages people to embrace life's complexities.

In one of his many speeches on science, Dr. Michio Kaku analyzes dreams and Freudian pschology. He uses science to support the concept of the subconscious mind during sleep.