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From Understanding the God Particle to the Future of Religion

 - May 28, 2013
While religion plays a much different role in the world today than it did hundreds if years ago, its role is still fascinating and continuing to evolve, as is demonstrated in this collection of speeches on religion. Particularly in recent years, a large list of new movements and religions have been created, gathering new following and preaching new beliefs.

A portion of these speeches discuss atheism in the world today. Speaker Richard Dawkins encourages atheists in his speech to be more vocal and open and the reasons for which they do not possess any religious affiliates.

Speaker Daniel Dennett discusses what he believes to be the future of religion. He predicts that world religions will continue to decrease in power and will eventually evolve into one mass ideology.

Whether you are religious or not, these speeches provide an insightful and open-minded dialogue on the role of religion today.