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From Achieving Failure to Stretching Goals Further

 - Feb 27, 2014
These speeches on motivation provide the drive and inspiration you need to reach your goals and to become the very best version of yourself. These presentations come from a number of motivation and life coaches, psychologists and professionals.

World-renowned motivational speaker Anthony Robbins believes that setting small goals and taking smaller steps to achieve something big is the key to staying motivated. It is often the case that many people give up after failing, but he believes that failure can seem less like "failure" if there are many components to something.

The speech by Bob Nelson addresses the issue of employee motivation. He introduces the concept of motivation or manipulation, which is based on the idea of providing incentive and rewards for jobs well done as opposed to punishment for those that fall short of expectations. In doing so, employees will much more dedicated to the quality of their work.

Author Derek Sivers believes that failing, oddly enough, should be one's motivation in their endeavors. While most people are held back by the very fear of failure, he wishes more people would recognize the benefits in trying something new, learning from it and growing as a person.

These speeches on motivation offer unique perspectives from a group of interesting individuals.