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From Money as a Lifeline to Alternative Currency Systems

 - Mar 26, 2014
This collection of speeches on money covers a varied amount of territory; from smart investment tips to the state of the economy and the importance of starting to save money early, these talks are thorough with the topic.

Some of the most fascinating money talks featured here are the ones that examine alternative currency. The speech by Paul Kemp-Robertson suggests traditional currencies, now stacked against technology and its many advances including the Bitcoin, are becoming outdated. He believes that more and more currencies such as this will begin to pop up all over the world and will go uncontrolled by governments.

Rachel Botsman sees trust as the next potential mainstream currency. Transactions are taking place online -- on an international scale -- through which people are buying and selling products with experience and skills. Someone can sell a couch in exchange for a sushi-making class. She predicts a world in which a formal currency will no longer be the norm.

Also discusses in the speeches on money is the cause of debt and the most recent recession.

These talks are not only informative and educational, but will hopefully help people become more financially responsible.