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From the Birth of Words to Linguistic Historical Roots

 - Jul 18, 2014
These speeches on language examine many of the linguistic complexities and curiosities that exist. Communication -- in its varied forms -- has existed for hundreds of thousands of years and it continues to evolve.

The speech by Steven Pinker outlines some of the basics of communication in a social setting. He states that language is used between people as a way to establish the boundaries of that relationship. That relationship can either be communal, dominant or reciprocate. Language is used all the time to transform the landscapes of relationships every day.

Patricia Kuhl's talk reveals that the best time to learn a new language is when you're a baby. At this young age, the brain is so open and perceptive to new languages and general knowledge. Whereas for adults, their understanding of learning is firmly established around the age of 13.

Amy Cuddy shows how the body can be just as effective for communicating as someone's mouth. She discusses the power that exists in the concept of "faking it until making it." She believes the effects of occupying a large space during a presentation or while talking to someone can truly increase one's self-confidence.

These language speeches introduce concepts, ideas and facts many people would not know otherwise.