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From Creating Character in Youth to Immediacy in Business

 - Nov 9, 2012
These speeches on integrity in business narrow in on some very specific and particular ways to carry out business with a conscious. Whether it's ensuring your company is using sustainable practices or green processes to produce products, or putting customer service before profit, there are many ways integrity can be expressed in business.

Warren Buffet, the 'Michael Jordan of the investing game,' believes that beyond past experience, schooling and training, integrity is the number one quality to look for when hiring an individual. It is integrity -- not a 4.0 GPA -- that will lead to success.

McDonald's Jim Skinner got the popular fast food brand back on track by putting the customer first and exercising transparency. Gaining the trust of consumers is more often than not the difference between those brands that succeed and those that fail.

A common theme throughout these speeches on integrity in business is that consumers will reward those brands that exercise responsibility, honesty and transparency.