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From Analyzing Online Speeds to the Influence of Google

 - May 14, 2013
As technology and the Internet continue to become more ingrained into our day-to-day schedules and lifestyle, it is important to be informed of the implications, and these speeches on Google aim to shed some light. Hearing from Google employees and executives, as well as journalists and professionals from the tech industry, these speeches discuss topics like the power Google has, how Google affects one's productivity and how Google influences the world's political landscape.

Speaker Tim O'Reilly discusses the evolution of search engines and how the freedom and functionality that first existed when the Internet emerged doesn't exist any longer.

Journalist Andreas Ekström explains how Google owns 89 percent of the web's search inquiries. He states that Google knew the results of the 2008 American presidential election before the ballots were even counted because of its ability to filter searches and reference Google Street View to see who went to vote.

While many of these speeches on Google address the potential threats of Google, others demonstrate the ways it is using it power and size to help spread democracy and knowledge.