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From the Gaming-Dominated Decade to Gaming as a Marketing Tool

 - Feb 14, 2013
This collection of speeches on gaming highlights the new and much more positive reputation video games recently earned. Video games and gaming used to be pinpointed as the reason behind distracted kids in school, laziness and obesity. Scientists, teachers, innovators and doctors however, are putting an end to these assumptions with new studies and research that present a variety of health and brain benefits for those who regularly play video games or who interact with gaming.

One of the most interesting turn of events in terms of gaming has been in the workplace. Ross Smith from Microsoft suggests that gamification in the workplace can actual improve productivity levels in the office and motivate employees. Tasks can be completely more quickly and effectively.

Tim Jones explores the potential of gaming as a marketing tool. He believes that brands can implement gaming strategies that will deliver a series of interactions rather than a series of messages, creating a lasting impression in the consumers' minds.

These speeches on gaming challenge the widely held belief that video games destroy the brain and present nothing but distraction.