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From Fighting for Worthy Causes to Finding One's Path in Life

 - May 16, 2013
This collection of speeches on finding purpose discusses the importance of finding purpose both in life and in business. Hearing from some iconic figures including guy Kawasaki and Tony Robbins, these speeches offer a a wide range of reasons as to why having purpose in anything one does is an essential foundation for success. In both life and in business, purpose serves as a compass, helping guide the next steps.

When it comes to starting a new business, Guy Kawasaki insists that finding meaning in what that business does is the key to its success. He believes that the purpose of a business should be to make the world a better place either by righting a wrong or increasing the quality of life.

Simon Sinek's speech introduces his 'Golden Circle' theory, which argues that it is not what a company does that matters, but the reasons for which it is doing it.

These speeches are interesting in that they showcase various iconic CEOs discussing the importance of having a strong and clear purpose, over maximizing sales and profits.