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From Conquering Procrastination to Promiscuity in Evolution

 - May 2, 2014
These speeches on evolution address the topic from a variety of unique angles. Discussing the ways evolution affects business, productivity, sex, consumerism and morals, these speakers provide engaging and gripping narratives on human nature.

Productivity is a challenge many offices and work environments face today. Dan Ariely's speech explains how the human mind is actually programmed to procrastinate -- especially when it comes to tasks that have no immediate benefit or pay-off. Humans used to have one thing on their minds -- survival -- so if anything did not immediately cater to that, then it was not a priority.

Christopher Ryan's speech explores the idea that humans are biologically programmed to have more than one sexual partner at a time throughout their lives. He believes that the notion of fidelity and marriage are not natural for humans, which he argues is reflected in society's staggering divorce rates.

Gad Saad's speech addresses human evolution and product preference. He conducted studies of men and women to compare their buying habits. The male study confirmed that testosterone levels rise when a male drives luxury cars, like a Porsche, and drop when one drives a beat-up Honda. In a study by Dr. Gad Saad that monitored the consumer behavior of women throughout their menstrual cycle, the results displayed a difference in their beauty routines and clothing choices between the fertile and non-fertile days.

These speeches on evolution are both informative and fascinating, as they connect the dots from past to the present.