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 - Dec 15, 2013
These speeches on ethics dissect a variety of controversial issues across different industries. Defining what is ethical today is becoming more and more difficult as the factors at place continue to increase.

Bob Lutz explains how people in positions of authority in business often find themselves in positions where they have to make very difficult decisions -- ones that go against their moral code. He believes, however, that these experiences will make individuals stronger leaders and build confidence.

Jeff Jarvis focuses on the ethics of an ungoverned realm such as the Internet. He suggests that transparency is the key to ensuring that users do not feel as if their privacy is being abused. In situations like this, transparency enables trust. People need to know that they can access their information when they want and that others cannot access theirs.

Navigating the dialogues of ethics can be very challenging, but these speeches on ethics aim to shed light on and provide insight into the topic.