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From Destroying the Stigma to the Mathematics of Emotions

 - Aug 13, 2014
There exists a huge disconnect between the realities of mental health and the ways it is perceived by the majority of people, but these speeches on depression offer important insight and information that everyone should know.

19-year-old comedian Kevin Breel presents a candid, open and insightful talk that effectively represents many of the taboos and misconceptions associated with depression and other mental illnesses. Most people who suffer from depression hide it from others due to fear of judgement. As Breel notes in his talk, people need to be more open about it and accepting of it or it will continue to torment those who suffer.

JD Schramm's talk echoes Breel's points. Society's silence on depression and mental health is leading to the death of many people who take their own lives. The more open society is, the more likely people will feel comfortable seeking treatment and getting the help they need.

These speeches on depression tackle a very important topic that affects hundreds of millions of people every day.