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From a Life of Action to Means of Motivational Communication

 - Apr 18, 2014
The overarching theme of these speeches on criticism is its importance on the path to success. As the speakers featured here posit, welcoming feedback -- and criticism for that matter -- is essential to learning, growing and becoming better.

George Slessman is probably one of the biggest defenders of criticism. He sees criticism as nothing more than information that can be used as incentive to work harder. The sooner both parties recognize that feedback and criticism will benefit both the individual and company, they will be more successful.

Many people struggle to separate themselves from the emotions they experience when they receive feedback or criticism but it is crucial to view any and all feedback as motivation to become better.

Motivational speaker Mike Mandel believes that there is a particular language to apply when giving feedback. Instead of telling someone what to not do, Mandel suggests telling them what they should do. When people are told not to do something, it is more likely that they actually will do it because their mind is so focused on it.

Being criticized -- personally and professionally -- can be challenging for anyone but these speeches on criticism offer advice to make taking it and giving it easier and more effective.