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From Creativity-Enabling Spaces to building Creative Confidence

 - Apr 4, 2013
These speeches on creativity offer useful tips and strategies for individuals in various industries to reach their full creative potential. Spotlighting a number of well-known people like Elizabeth Gilbert and Isaac Mizrahi, these speeches discuss everything from developing a creative concept to the necessary conditions for getting into the right creative mindset.

Innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche pinpoints understanding your customers as the starting point for thinking creatively. Knowing who your customer is inside and out creates a platform on which you can make unique connections with them.

Andy Burnett, a man who has dedicated his entire career to facilitating creative thinking within companies, believes that one's environment has a direct impact on a team's ability to come up with solutions and to think creatively. His speech outlines the reasons why CEOs need to consider the type of environment and workspace they create for employees.

Magnus Lindkvist believes that exploring the unknown is a great source of inspiration for creative thinking. It opens up new streams of thought and problem-solving.

These speeches on creativity offer a breadth of advice, insight and tips for unlocking the creativity within you.