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From Marketing a Quality of Life to Customer Obsession

 - Nov 1, 2012
Speeches on contemporary consumerism today discuss much more than tactics that brands can employ to sell their products to consumers. These speeches highlight the new power and authority of consumers as well as the increasingly influential role social media plays in selling products, developing a clientele and managing customer service matters.

Doug Stephens, a retail expert, introduces the concept of 'The Third Shelf,' which recognizes that a product and consumer experience today go far beyond the walls of a store and a customer's home. Things like a catalog, online store and mobile apps transform the consumer experience by creating one that continues long after a transaction is complete.

Because of the recent recession, contemporary consumerism also reflects the need to evoke emotion within an individual. According to Jim Cartwright, a purchase by consumers today must be relevant to their needs and and tap into their emotions.

Jeremy Gutsche, the CEO of, argues that capturing a market today requires complete infatuation with the consumer's needs. Building a product based exclusively on a specific customer and specific preferences will help spark innovation within a company.

This collection of speeches on contemporary consumerism also features Marc Pritchard of P&G who emphasizes the importance of brands marketing a quality of life and specific lifestyle as opposed to simply marketing a product or service. These speakers represent various industries as well as the consumer revolution ushered in by social media.