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From Connecting with the Consumer to Food as a Bonding Experience

 - Nov 22, 2013
In a world dominated by computer screens, tablets and smartphones, human interaction is becoming increasingly scarce and these curated speeches on connections hope to get people to look up from their screens. As these keynotes will illustrate, creating genuine connections is important for business, personal growth and overall happiness. It is important that people are able to maintain a healthy balance in today's digitally defined society.

The speech by Marije Vogelzang shows how simply sitting down and eating your meals with other people -- be it family, friends or coworkers -- can add an important level of connectivity back into your life. Food used to be a sacred gathering of people and it has very much transformed into an on-the-go routine.

Hannah Brencher's speech is completely against the usage levels of technology today and she argues that people need to hand write letters to create truly authentic connections. She started the 'The World Needs More Love Letters' to connect strangers from around the world with one another.