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From the Customer Revolution to Connecting with Clients

 - Apr 17, 2014
This collection of speeches on client relations teaches businesses and salespeople how to better achieve the goals they set for themselves. Today's market caters to an entirely different type of consumer than it did ten years ago. Not only has social media hugely impacted the levels of transparency brands need to offer, but consumers are looking for more than just a guaranteed product or quality service -- they want a new, unique, memorable experience. These talks shed light on how you and your team can maximize profit and ensure customer satisfaction.

The iconic Jordan Belfort who inspired this year's Academy Award-nominated 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' is featured here discussing effective prospecting strategies. Belfort believes businesses should waste no time pursuing clients who likely won'y buy their product or service. It is better to invest time and effort in a sale that actually has the potential to go through -- based off the client's needs.

Innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche believes that the most effective way to appease consumers is through a deep understanding of their preferences and motivations. It is unwise for a business to assume it knows the wants of its consumers.

Today's consumer is much more complex than the consumer ten years ago, but these speeches on client relations offer a tool kit for navigating this new landscape.