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From Reaching Out to Youth to Pop Culture's Role in Learning

 - Jun 7, 2013
These speeches for youth focus on a number of important topics. While half of these speeches are presented by teenagers, the other speeches aim to provide youth with insight and advice to take with them as they embark on life's next chapter.

One of the most notable speeches is by Mteto Maphoyi who shares how he overcame adversity through creativity. Having experienced many traumatic events throughout his childhood and early youth -- such as losing family members to AIDS and being involved in gang-related activity -- he ended up turning to music and singing to inspire him to make the most out of his life.

The speech by Richard Heinz encourages youth to travel at an early age. He sees traveling abroad to volunteer with an organization like Doctors Without Borders as one of the most fulfilling experiences someone can have. While some of these experiences can expose a harsh reality of what the world is like, he believes that is important for character development.