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From Challenging Biased Perceptions to Leveling the Playing Field

 - Jun 25, 2014
This collection of speeches discussing bias is educational and eye-opening. Many would like to believe that bias isn't something that plagues individuals today, but it is. In a work setting, a personal setting and even a cultural setting, people experience bias every day -- and the most curious part about it is that many aren't even conscious of it.

The speech by Valerie Purdie-Vaughns talks about people unintentionally discriminating people on a daily basis. She argues that people's behaviors do not yet complement the knowledge they have about discrimination, and it's because they aren't even conscious of it. She also warns that while there has been a significant amount of progress with bias in terms of the LGBT community, new biases are emerging about older populations, overweight people and the physically disabled.

Paul Craven explores the ways the mind's biases affect people's behavior in the market. Informative and interesting, his speech demonstrates how people's biases can lead to unfavorable decisions in investing.

Peter Baumann introduces an uncommon perspective of biases -- that they might actually benefit humans. Bringing up the unique bias -- which entails everyone thinking they are special -- he shows how a decrease in this could negatively impact people overcoming everyday struggles and tribulation.

These speeches discussing bias offer interesting perspectives from a variety of professionals.