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From Shifting Global Power to Protecting Modern Societies

 - Jun 11, 2013
This collection of speeches by politicians offers a fascinating narrative on politics in the modern world. Hearing from a wide variety of individuals including current and past presidents and prime ministers, these speeches offer insightful lessons and perspectives.

While many of the speeches focus on public and foreign policy, as well as the economy, many also focus on human rights and equality. The speech by Laura Bush explores the importance of empowering women at a young age -- both in developed and developing countries. She strongly believes that all women need to reach their full educational potential as a way to build strong character and independence.

David Cameron's political innovation keynote discusses how today's increased accessibility to information makes governments more accountable and their activity more transparent. He believes that this transparency has the potential to completely revamp the world's political arena and to decrease debt.

These speeches by politicians offer a vast range of opinions and perspectives on the world's most pressing challenges and the direction in which society is heading.