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From Promoting Animal Rights to the Art of Comedy

 - Feb 6, 2014
This collection of speeches by comedians showcases another side to the many popular faces and shares some highly moving and personal messages. Many of these speeches are actually commencement speeches to students graduating university and college, and they offer insightful lessons, career tips and life advice.

The speech by Ellen DeGeneres encourages the young audience to define success on their own terms. She shares very personal experiences from various periods in her life and discusses the ways they morphed the way she viewed success and what was truly important in life.

Chris Bliss explores the ways comedy can be used as a powerful carrier of messages including politics and culture. He shares hes own experiences of discovering the ability of comedy to translate his own ideas.

Andy Samberg from highly acclaimed SNL discusses the importance of education in his commencement speech at Harvard in 2012. His speech recognizes the many challenges to be faced once leaving school, but he also reminds students of the power of education and how it will be the greatest tool they will ever possess.