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From Human Interactivity in Museums to Improving Experiences About Death

 - Oct 19, 2013
These speeches about death take a variety of different perspectives. They include different ways to memorialize people who have passed on, seizing the day and following dreams, as well as a general focus on health and mortality. These talks also span across industries, from the arts to sciences.

Candy Chang's art project reclaims public spaces by encouraging people to complete the sentence 'Before I die...' on blackboard painted murals. Kelly Swazey's anthropological work examines funeral customs in different cultures and how the people of Tana Toraja continue to live with their deceased family members for years after their passing. At the same time, Ric Elias shares his personal brush with death and what he is doing with his second chance.

There are many ways to see death in different parts of the world, and many more ways human beings cope with its inevitability. These speeches about death are a small sample of unusual and motivational views.