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From Customer-Focused Innovation to Innovation From the Inside

 - Jan 10, 2014
Individuals across a variety of industries are constantly seeking new sources for innovation. These curated keynotes pinpoint some of the things that inspire innovations every day. A lot of them offer unusual inspirations such as laziness and chaos.

The speech by innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche identifies periods of chaos and uncertainty as excellent sources for innovation. These periods provide opportunities for brands to break free from traditional methods and practices that are holding them back. These periods allow for experimentation and bold choices that companies wouldn't typically make should things be going smoothly.

Laziness inspired Ludwick Marishane to create a product that helps reduce blindness in Africa all because he was too lazy to have a shower and clean his face. As a result, he created a product that does the same things as washing your face. Hundreds of millions of people don't have access to clean water in Africa and his product made a huge impact on so many lives.

Inspiration for innovation can be found in places where people least expect.