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From Misogynist Internet Conventions to Accelerating Equality

 - Oct 31, 2013
These charitable social media talks examine the ways online platforms can be utilized for social good. Journalism for justice uses the power of the Internet to raise awareness of a variety of issues around the world by connecting people to first hand accounts and real-time information about happenings around the world. It is also a platform to propel social problems into the mainstream.

Former UN Force Commander Romeo Dallaire discusses how technology encourages empathy among young people and implores youth activists to get involved in person by volunteering in developing countries. Actor Edward Norton explains how the Internet can be used to fundraise for a variety of causes in his crowdrise speech. Meanwhile, feminist Stephanie Guthrie advocates against sexist comments made online and deconstructs the concept of not 'feeding the trolls.'

These issue-based social media talks examine how the Internet can be used for good and enhance social justice. Just as social media is a powerful tool to build brands and create connections with costumers, it can also be used extremely effectively to make a difference in the world.