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From Using Visuals for Change to the Generosity Experiment

 - Jun 24, 2014
These curated social change talks examine the ways leaders in various industries are revolutionizing the ways they enact positive change. Hearing from philanthropists, photographers, activists and university professors, these speeches show how social change has evolved and the influential roles social media and technology play.

Free the Children ambassador Spencer West encourages his listeners to ignore the can'ts and won'ts when trying to make a difference. Focusing on the "how," is the first necessary strep for change. As a double amputee, West has encountered his share of negative response to his efforts in creating change, but he persevered, ignoring the opinions and doubts of others.

The inspiring talk by university professor Jennifer Aaker proves that social media isn't always an enabler in disconnecting people and that it can actually connect people in unlikely ways and save lives. She shares the story of two young men who took to social media to beat their 1 in 20,000 chances of finding a bone marrow match. They were successful in finding matches, despite passing away after tragic relapses.

Also included in these social change talks is a speech by photographer and LGBT Jeff Sheng. As a way to spread equality and justice, Sheng created a photography series over ten years that showcases gay athletes.

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