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From Romantic Sales Approaches to the Power of Storytelling

 - Oct 25, 2014
This collection of keynotes focuses on sales strategy and tactic. Different leaders from different areas of business will argue in favor of various strategies, but this collection offers a varied look into the turbulent and highly strategic world of sales.

One of the most interesting speakers featured here is Jack Vincent who compares a strong selling strategy to a healthy and romantic relationship. Like any loving and successful relationship, trust is the necessary foundation on which a lucrative sales relationship will be built. Without the trust, the necessary connections between client and business cannot exist.

The speech by Michelle Golden echoes the importance of trust in any sales strategy. Referencing the traditional elevator pitch that salesman are encouraged to have down pat for any opportunities that pop up, Golden warns about the lack of authenticity and ingenuity this strategy lacks. Sales pitches are supposed to solve complex problem, and there is no 30-45 second blurb that can be applied to all problems.

If you and your team are in search of your most effective sales strategy yet, these speeches offer plenty of ground on which to start.