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From Markets Sustained by Cyborgs to Astronaut Innovations

 - Jun 14, 2013
These robot presentations illustrate the increasing role many individuals believe automatons will play in the future. While many popular movies and television series wrongly predicted flying cars and citizen robots by the year 2000, humanity is much closer to using automatons in everyday life.

Individuals harbor very diverging opinions when it comes to this topic. Many see it as a beneficial opportunity for industries such as health care, while others are wary of the possibility this might have for people's jobs.

Andrew McAfee's robot innovation keynote outlines how robots are taking over tasks previously exercised by humans. Programs like Siri for the iPhone may have glitches, but they are certainly a strong indication of where the future is headed with robot-operated procedures.

While he suggests that this may in fact be troublesome for many jobs in computing industries, he also notes that people should be focusing on more entrepreneurial and creative endeavors, seeing as robots cannot be used as a replacement.

These robot presentations not only highlight recent innovations in automatons, but they also reflect on the implications for society.