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From the Revival of Public Schools to Tactical Learning

 - May 11, 2012
Featuring a handful of today's most innovative and influential teachers and educators, these speeches offer insight into a variety of revolutionary methods of education being implemented all over the world. From individuals influencing education on a global scale to those impacting their local communities, these speakers are transforming the way our world learns.

These transformations are not exclusive to the developed world; leaders like Bunker Roy and Arvind Gupta are making outstanding uses of India's resources to offer unique curricula to the young and old. Roy's Barefoot College is committed to teaching non-traditional skills such as cooking, sewing and farming, which will enable these individuals to create a self-sustaining lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Westerns like Sir Ken Robinson, Sunni Brown and Cameron Herold also emphasize the value of non-traditional educational reform. Robinson sees no value in children struggling through mandatory mathematics or science classes if their real passion and talent is art or drama. Herold hopes to see a new curriculum that hones in on entrepreneurial skills, teaching children the value of creativity and building their own careers.

These revolutionary methods of education pave the way for a new generation of learning for children, fostering their skills and talents and enabling them to transform the world.