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From Sustainability From Shared Visions to the Open Approach

 - Feb 21, 2013
The reasons to embrace collaboration in any area of life and work are essentially endless, but this carefully curated collection of speeches narrows in on why collaborating can be so beneficial in businesses and large organizations. From improving openness and the flow of ideas, there are many reasons to integrate collaborative strategies into any work environments.

When discussing urban development and the enhancement of government and health care, Ginni Rometty, the new CEO for IBM, introduces the concept of "co-opetation," a combination of competitive and collaborative elements. She sees the two as the perfect duo for working together but also pushing others to rise above.

Emmanuel Gobillot believes that collaborating with businesses in parallel industries can create stronger networks of partners and customers and improve the rate of innovation in the field in general.

Polly LaBarre suggests that teams can innovate more through internal collaboration and inclusion. She sees great value in employees at all levels sitting in on the same meetings and undergoing to the same training. This collaboration builds a strong, more cohesive team.