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From How Crisis Evokes Serenity to Insight From Fear

 - Jan 11, 2013
In today's market, an unstable economy has led many CEOs and business managers to temper their risk-taking behavior and experimental tendencies but these speeches provide new reasons to embrace chaos and take risks.

CEO of and award-winning business author Jeremy Gutsche supports chaos by discussing how some of the world's most successful brands and companies emerged during periods of economic recession and downturn. Embracing chaos, according to Gutsche, forces business to reevaluate current strategies and to make a strategic plan for the future.

Productivity guru David Allen believes that being creative and efficient comes directly from chaos. Author Karen Thompson believes in "productive paranoia," a concept based on the belief that fear can inspire empowerment, action and smart planning.

Each and every one of the speakers featured here offer insights and reasons to embrace chaos in the business world today.