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From Dismissing Logic in Business to Taking Risks for Success

 - May 4, 2012
As explained by Jeremy Gutsche in his keynote, there are a variety of reasons to embrace change as a means of innovating and getting ahead in today's markets and industries. The willingness to adapt new strategies such as social media, experiment with new products or forge new relationships creates new opportunities and the potential to succeed.

The focus of these videos is all about attacking change and failure. Featuring top marketing specialists, brand experts and industry innovators, this collection of videos offers insight into why shying away from failure, change and experimentation in modern markets can actually hinder the success of a company.

A common theme emerging from these videos is that embracing change and experimentation offers companies the chance to learn from their mistakes. A business can learn more about its strengths and weaknesses, providing insight into the ways they can dominate today's markets. As the speakers featured here demonstrate, a brand that is willing to take a risk and step outside of its comfort zone will benefit by learning more about itself and its consumers.