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These Speeches Offer Helpful Tips About Setting and Reaching Goals

 - Aug 22, 2013
These inspiring speeches work as guidelines, assisting people in setting and reaching goals. The speakers in this collection share their personal experiences with regards to reaching their goals, outline steps for success and stress the importance of clearly defining goals.

Derek Sivers encourages people to keep their goals secret in his keynote. According to Sivers, those who share their goals publicly are less likely to achieve them.

Lynda Weinman, a self-taught entrepreneur offers advice on setting goals for success in her keynote. She urges ambitious people not to be intimidated by degrees, because one doesn't require an MBA to start a successful business or to have a great idea.

Michael Porter advises people to focus on setting the right goals. For instance, he says that nobody should start a business with pleasing share holders as the main goal. That's a poor plan. He also urges individuals to be different, and to avoid following the latest fads.

These insightful speeches offer valuable tips on how to properly set important goals.