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These Productivity Speeches Offer Unusual Tips

 - Jul 19, 2013
Employees today are faced with many more distractions than employees twenty years ago, but these productivity speeches offer tips for managing time more effectively. From social media to smartphones and the Internet in general, there is a medley of ways to get off track of a task at work. Some of these speeches offer unconventional solutions that stray from such advice as to make a to-do list or to set small goals.

The first piece of unusual advice for improving time management comes from Jenny Lykken, an employee at Google. She suggests that that there is a strong correlation between one's ability to manage their time and their type of lifestyle. A much healthier lifestyle -- one that includes regular exercise, downtime, nutritious eating and plenty of rest -- is the key to a happy employee. For this very reason, Google offers its employees breaks to work out, take a nap or meditate.

Another unusual piece of advice for boosting productivity comes from Jason Fried who suggests cancelling all meetings scheduled at work. He believes that meetings interrupt one's work flow, hence cutting into productivity levels.

These productivity speeches are very interesting and provide great tips to apply in a variety of work settings.