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These Product Development Presentations Discuss Top Strategies

 - Jun 12, 2013
Featuring iconic brand leaders like Steve Jobs and Guy Kawasaki, these product development presentations offer tips and strategies for making a truly irresistible product. Focusing a lot on design, these speeches discuss what it takes to create a successful product in the market today.

The former CEO of Apple, who is featured here multiple times, emphasizes the importance of providing consumers with a product they don't have and that they didn't know they wanted. A product -- such as the iPod or iPhone -- fulfills needs in a way that consumers didn't even know was possible. He believes that staying true to and preserving a brand's core is critical.

Guy Kawasaki's speech on product development explains how a product must enchant a consumer. It is this factor that will create a truly successful and authentic problem.

Innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche argues that the first step in creating a winning product is to make a cultural connection with consumers. A brand cannot deliver a satisfying or desirable product to its clientele without possessing a very strong understanding of their preferences and needs.