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From Solving the Unsolvable to the Power of Intangible Value

 - Jan 23, 2014
These problem solving strategies come from a variety of professionals scattered across various industries. The speakers here present both unusual and highly effective strategies for solving the problems we face in different areas of our personal and professional lives.

Daniel Burrus, a problem-solving expert, believes that the secret to overcoming obstacles and becoming unstuck is all about the way one approaches a problem. He argues that problems often aren't problems, but simply roadblocks to the way one's mind works. Tossing aside a problem and going forward as if it didn't exist can yield smart and achievable solutions.

Rory Sutherland's speech introduces the Trifecta concept. He believes that if people are able to recognize the intangible value within a problem, solutions can be reached. People also need to assume that all problems are solved with one quick fix and instead focus on the different solutions that come from different perspectives and values.

Gabe Zichermann suggests that video games might be the answer to finding more effective problem solving strategies. Video games exercise and develop one's fluid intelligence, which helps foster creativity -- a tool often needed when trying to yield new solutions.

The presentations offer a breadth of approaches to tackling today's many challenges.