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From the Customer Revolution to Priorities of Leaders

 - May 15, 2013
The importance of prioritizing customer service is the overall theme of these curated speeches. As social media becomes more integrated into the day-to-day schedules of people -- for managing, communicating and even shopping -- brands no longer control the image and reputation of their company. These speeches offer solutions to managing the interactions between and relationships with consumers.

Domino's Australia CEO Don Meij discusses consumer engagement in an online arena, in particular on a mobile app. He advises businesses to get an app only if its services will enhance the consumer experience; developing an app simply for the sake of it will not provide consumers a higher quality of service.

In his customer service innovation keynote, author James Lloyd reviews why incorporating price into a company's customer service model is a huge mistake. He argues that customer service will trump the price of something; consumers will likely not be concerned with prices if the service they are receiving is of the highest standard.

Businesses today no longer have control over the conversations being had over their brands, making it that much more important to prioritize customer service.