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These Presenting Speeches Will Help Improve Public Speaking Skills

 - Jun 21, 2013
For many people, public speaking is an absolute nightmare, but these presenting speeches offer plenty of tips for coming across as more confident and comfortable in front of an audience. From how to best engage with audiences to the best content to feature on slides, these speeches will make any individuals feel much more at ease when presenting.

The speech by Sebastian Wernicke shares statistics on what make a presentation more appealing for audiences. He states that presentations on topics with which people can connect -- coffee, happiness, brains and girls -- often rate higher in terms of popularity. People will be much more engaged once they sense that the content applies to them.

Similarly, Carmine Gallo is in favor of making emotional connections with people during a presentation to create a positive effect. He refers to Steve Jobs as an amazing storyteller who is capable of connecting with thousands of people during his presentations.

Innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche -- who has presented in front of audiences as big as 4,000 people -- insists that the secret lies in presenting to a group of people who find your product or message truly irresistible.