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From Low-Cost Incubators to Understanding the Myths of Dieting

 - Jan 31, 2014
These presentations on women's health provide an informative set of insights into the differences women face than men do when it comes to health. It is not shocking that women experience different health-related problems, but as these speeches illustrate, they are often ignored and dismissed, causing devastating results for many women all over the world.

One of the most informative and interesting speeches comes from social psychologist Sandra Aamodt who discusses the myths of dieting. She reveals that young females who diet in their early teens will be three times as likely to be obese when they are older. The dangers of dieting are experienced more for women as a direct result of the media putting such large amounts of pressure of young girls.

Far too many women in the developing world lose their newborn baby because of a lack of proper medical resources, but Jane Chen speech shows how her invention of a portable incubator can hopefully turn that situation around.

The speech by Deborah Rhodes introduces breakthrough technology capable of detecting tumors in breast quicker than ever before.

These presentations on women's health should be heard by both men and women on the path to creating a healthier world.