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These Presentations on Stress Offer New Approaches and Solutions

 - Jan 17, 2014
These presentations on stress approach the topic in a very inclusive manner. While some of the keynotes offer strategies for dealing with stress and for finding balance, others encourage people to embrace stressful and chaotic situations because it will enable them to learn new things and reset one's thoughts (this is what the innovation keynote by Jeremy Gutsche discusses). Other speeches evaluate the differences between men and women when it comes to stress and some touch on the physical damages stress can cause to our bodies.

An interesting speech from psychologist John Gray explains how differences in the male and female brain result in longer recovery time after something stressful happens. Men are able to easily recover and move on thanks to higher levels of testosterone while higher levels of estrogen in women creates a longer recovery time.

The speech by Barry Schwartz investigates the ways our extensive freedom of choices makes us more stressed and anxious. People constantly over-analyze whether or not they made the "right choice."

These presentations on stress are interesting because they approach stress from many different angles, which is critical, because not everyone experiences the same type.