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From Reductive Representations to Changing Gender Perceptions

 - Jan 10, 2014
This collection of presentations on stereotypes discusses the ways different groups of individuals are affected by the ways they are perceived by others.

A significant proportion of these keynotes focuses on the ways gender stereotypes are still affecting people -- most notably women -- in the workplace. While society has made huge strides in gender equality, there are still many stereotypes that affect the ways men and women communicate and interact with one another in a workplace setting.

According to Shelley Correll, many individuals rely on gender stereotypes as shortcuts in decision-making for situations such as recruiting, assessments and hiring. While the majority of people do this subconsciously, it puts women at a huge disadvantage and results in companies losing out on exceptional talent and leadership potential.

Mike Rowe's speech discusses the stereotypes that exist surround labor jobs. His speech is both endearing and insightful as he offers a new perspective that opens people's eyes to the crucial contributions made by the professions to society.

These presentations on stereotypes offer a contemporary narrative on the perceptions many individuals are unfortunately still battling today.