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From Impact Investing to Innovative Social Issues

 - Jul 24, 2014
These presentations on social change feature experts from the field who share their tips and strategies for building a brand that is positively changing the world and profitable. Many of the speakers featured here discuss the social entrepreneurial opportunity that exists in the world today.

Naveen Jain's speech pinpoints education, water and health care as the biggest issues challenging the world but also the biggest business opportunities. Jain believes that the school system is too manufactured, which results in standardized and average graduates, leading to an increase in unemployment rates. He hopes entrepreneurs begin seeing the potential outside industries like tech and media.

Nicholas Negroponte's speech, an inspiring call to action, is targeted at recent graduates. He encourages young professionals to pursue their entrepreneurial passions and dreams because there is no better time than now to connect with people who share the same interests and passions about the world.

Lisa Christensen believes that it is the smallest change made by many people that can have the biggest impact. By changing or replacing a few bad habits per day with something more productive and beneficial for the world, society as a whole will benefit.

These presentations on social change focus on the ways humans can work together, benefit from one another as well as profit from one another.