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Questioning Automated Weaponry to Embracing Automatons

 - Apr 11, 2014
These presentations on robots showcase the ways they are being embraced by a wide variety of industries. Robots are no longer perceived as something futuristic or unknown; they are adopting the reputation of being a new technology with which humans can work to improve efficiency, accuracy and health problems. These speeches show how robots are being incorporated and used for modern day processes.

Sue Everatt proposes a world in which robots will do everything from building buildings, to working behind a bar and designing a bridge. Things that typically revolved around money would be controlled by robots and the new currency would be natural resources.

John Seely Brown believes that humans and machines working together can be infinitely more powerful than man or machine alone. He uses chess as an example, where a team of humans working together with a machine can beat the best chess super computers in addition to the best human players in the world.

The speech by Henry Evans explores how robots are now drastically improving the quality of lives of people with physical disabilities. He created 'Robots for Humanity,' an organization dedicated to aiding bed-ridden individuals.

These speeches are particularly interesting as society is reaching an intersection of positive and negative perspectives of technology.