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From Connecting with the Customer to the Art of Negotiation

 - Jan 22, 2014
This collection of presentations on negotiations aims to shift the way people approach negotiating. By approaching it as problem-solving or an actual process that can be managed, the results can be much more positive and beneficial for both parties involved.

The speech by William Ury introduces his concept of the 'third side.' He believes that turning to friends, family or trusted ones during conflicts or negotiations is beneficial because it provides a fresh perspective that people are often unable to see because of impulses and emotions.

Margaret Neale's speech believes negotiation needs to be approached as solving problem. Her speech outlines that both parties need to come to the table with three things: their alternative, their reservation price and an optimistic yet realistic potential outcome.

Negotiating for the things you want can be intimating, challenging and sometimes very uncomfortable, but these presentations on negotiation hope to make the process more tolerable and effective.