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From Virtual Pandemic Treatment to Reprogramming Cells

 - Jan 28, 2014
These presentations on medicine tackle everything from the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry to modern remedies and even the role played by technology in health management. An underlying theme throughout these speeches is that technology is transforming the way doctors interact with patients and with medicine.

The speech by Francis Collins perhaps reflects the industry's advancements most accurately as he explains how new drugs can now be tested on computer chips that represent human cells.

Philosopher and political scientist Thomas Pogge discuss the ways today's pharmaceutical industry is putting the disadvantaged at further risk. He explains how large pharma companies are creating products specifically for the rich, leaving poorer populations in a situation where they cannot benefit from the industry's advancements.

David Eagleman's speech touches on the ways Internet is playing a big role in the transmission and control of disease. First, it enabled people to work from home -- should they be infected with something -- and secondly, it enables people to access quick access to the information they need about diagnosis.

These presentations on medicine provide a modern narrative on a topic that continuously evolves.