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From Sharing Ideas Liberally to the Origins of Creativity

 - Jul 10, 2013
These presentations on ideas offer a comprehensive discussion on how ideas are created, what makes a particular idea stick and the types of ideas that are most likely to spread. Featuring a number of well-known individuals including David Karp, Simon Sinek and Alexis Ohanian, these keynotes are both informative and engaging.

The speech by Simon Sinek encourages people to compare their ideas -- for a new product, service or business strategy -- with an outsider, someone who is not necessarily familiar with the idea at hand. An outsider's perspective can shed new light and potentially offer new insight, increasing the likelihood of the idea to reach its full potential in terms of creativity.

Philosopher Daniel Dennett argues that ideas should be treated as living organisms, as they possess the same powers and potential to cause damage. He believes that ideas are alive in their own right as once they are born, it is very hard to stop them from spreading and growing.

The creator of Behance -- Scott Belsky -- notes that successful ideas from companies like Apple are very closely related to the organizational behavior of its culture. Productivity and organizations are at the core of a good idea.

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