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These Speeches Cover Women's Rights, Gay Rights & Citizen Rights

 - Sep 3, 2013
These inspiring and powerful presentations on human rights feature passionate speakers pushing for equality. The speeches in this collection touch on topics like gay rights and women's rights. Some of these presentations exclusively discuss human rights in general, focusing on the basic rights that all individuals should have, like the right to an education.

Manal al-Sharif's speech reveals the struggles faced by women in Saudi Arabia. Though it isn't illegal for women to drive there, it is frowned upon. Manal talks about her activism and discusses how she was arrested, simply for driving.

Lana Wachowski gives an insightful human rights speech, which focuses on gender stereotyping. Wachowski discusses the rejections that transgendered individuals face. She compares people who don't acknowledge the spectrum of gender to people who are close-minded in terms of race and sexuality.

Hillary Clinton's UN address makes reference to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Clinton's speech attacks the treatment of gay and transgendered individuals by governments. Clinton states quite simply that "gay rights are human rights."

These heart-felt keynotes speak out against inequality, and promote peace and the preservation of human rights.