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From Dieting to Save Lives to Simple Nutrition Rules

 - Jul 18, 2014
These presentations on healthy eating not only provide tips for people with different diet preferences, but they also do an effect job of explaining why eating healthy is more important than ever and will have huge benefits in the long term -- both on and individual and a global scale.

Environmentalist Graham Hill suggests that people adopt a weekday vegetarian lifestyle. Hill understands that cutting out meat completely can be extremely difficult for some people, but by cutting down during the week, people can really have an impact on their own health as well as the world.

Jamie Oliver's speech focuses on the increasing rates of obesity among children in America. He believes that school systems are enabling the unhealthy eating habits of students. He hopes to see more food and nutrition education become integrated into the curricula of schools to teach students how to make better choices when it comes to food.

These presentations on health eating shed light on a very important issue that the world can no longer simply ignore.