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These Presentations on Food Discuss Cooking and the Cooking Industry

 - Aug 18, 2013
These fantastic presentations on food discuss the food industry, vegetarianism, and thinking of food as energy (among other things). Some of these speeches deal with solving serious problems, while others discuss passion and creativity.

Nutritionist Shawn Stevenson talks about the benefits of eating chocolate in his food focused keynote. He reveals that chocolate contains anti-oxidant and more vitamin C than any fruit.

Marije Vogelzang discusses the ritual involved with creating and eating a meal. She views food as a bonding experience for families, and explores the memories attached to big family meals.

Environmentalist Graham Hill's keynote explores how meat lovers can make a positive change without giving up their favorite foods entirely. Hill suggests that eating meat only on weekends could have a positive effect on the environment. Meat production is environmentally harmful, not to mention cruel to animals. Cutting down on meat consumption without cutting it out entirely is enough to make a change.

These intriguing speeches on food also explore advertising in the food industry and the benefits of eating bugs.