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From Dismantling Narratives to Stronger Women Portrayals

 - Feb 12, 2014
These presentations on film aim to promote the different purposes film can serve as well as the role the media plays in controlling the content that is produced and made available for consumption. These speeches offer new perspectives of film and new ways to approach it as not only a form of art, but also as a medium to spread important messages.

For Logan Smalley, making films is the most effective ways to share messages and inform people. In his opinion, large-scale problems have a better chance of being solved when they are presented in film form because they are seen by more people and are more easily consumed and understood.

Colin Stokes believes that many films today are only perpetuating the gender stereotype. There is typically a male character who defeats a villain and a woman is usually the prize or reward at the end. Stokes wants to see messages sending empowering messages to young girls and women by spotlighting a strong female lead.

The talk by Geena Davis echoes the sentiments of Stokes. She believes that the female characters depicted in today's films provide little incentive and motivation for real females to be ambitious or to see opportunities for themselves.

These presentations on film force people to take a step back and reflect on the media they consume without ever really thinking.